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By now the SEAMS (Smart Electronic Aviation Management System) product is well known and appreciated by many training schools and charter companies.

The thing with electronic capabilities, is that you can never actually reach the epitome of its potential. You can easily hit a brick wall when it comes to your own imagination, but then the next guy will see more possibility and usage. In the case of SEAMS, our team has literally planned a few years ahead and the product development keeps our programmers on their toes on a daily basis.

The SEAMS App has just been completed and has passed all the checks by both Apple and Android. The App has now been launched and is available to one and all. This will afford our current SEAMS subscribers immediate access to their accounts from their mobile devices from anywhere in the world and Private Pilots can enjoy the benefits of the App for FREE!

The App will allow you to store your licence details online and the system will warn you in advance should your licence be nearing its expiry date. Private owners of aircraft will be able to relax, knowing that the App will remind them of pending renewals or revalidation's. Keeping track of your hours has never been this convenient either.

Monthly safety articles and tips, relevant aerodynamic or technical attachments, and in some cases links to our studio recordings or interesting YouTube video material, will also be available on the App. CAA related legislation issues may be brought to your attention, but this will not be another chatroom for the armchair aviation enthusiast. Should you be in search of employment, the SEAMS App can also be of assistance. Just upload your CV to the database, and other Aviators will (with your permission) have access to your information.

Reliable aviation management will now be accessible to every aviator, no matter what you fly. And because the information and data is uploaded by yourself, the App will only inform you of those important little dates that are applicable to you, such as your yearly renewal, or the aircraft CoA that is about to lapse.

The SEAMS App also has a training section where books and video material will be available to SEAMS subscribers – making anything possible through our quick, reliable and user-friendly App.

The SEAMS App is just the perfect medium allowing you to experience a seamless transition, to give you the edge.

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